donderdag 25 januari 2018



If you already made an account in the past and you forgot or can not access your account, use the selection "Wachtwoord vergeten"/"Mot de passe oublié" or "gebruikersnaam vergeten"/"nom d'utilisatuer oublié" to retrieve your password.

Please do not create a new account each time to register for a competition!

If you do not receive an email of the system to reset your password, mail to Joris Aerts (KBF) or Jean Dorsimond (CAB) to verify the linked email adress to your profile.

If you are logged in on your profile:
 you could change all your profile data by clicking on your account name followed by "Account"/'Compte"
  • Account / Log in name
  • verification email
  • password
  • Contactdetails
  • change team -> needs to be done by Federation but you can change it during inscription on the competition page
!You need to save each page seperatly!