vrijdag 8 april 2016

Workshops Competition Routesetting 2016

In 2015 CMBel launched the new format for ‘Competition Routesetting’ consisting of workshops, seminars and practical experience. Following this format the first seminars were organized to give already active routesetters the opportunity to catch up:
• Routesetting for kids, October 3th 2015 in Magnesia, Mortsel
• Spectacular routesetting, February 15th 2016 in Bebloc, Jambes

Next on schedule are workshops in both disciplines in order to open up for new active routesetters and have even more variety:
• Workshop Competition Routesetting Lead – May 7th, 8th in Altitude CCM, Braine L’Alleud
• Workshop Competition Routesetting Boulder – September 17th, 18th in Biover, Gent
Both under supervision of Jérôme De Boeck

Saturday 12.00 – 18.30 (theory, routesetting, first test & modifications, strip down)
Sunday  12.00 – 19.30 (reset, compsim, adapting & tests, last modifications)

What you need?
• Experience – setting regularly in your home gym (or even in multiple gyms) is definitely a must no matter how much experience you already have or have not. You need at least to be familiar with 7th grade and to feel free in 6th…
• Gear – you should bring along all the necessary personal gear and don’t hesitate to bring more common gear (e.g. ladder) as well
• Read – the confirmation email will be accompanied by a small syllabus that you have to read before day 1
• Food & drinks in order to stay fit throughout the whole workshop
• Your creativity and open mind

Participation fee : 75€ / workshop (no obligation to follow both)
You need to be member of KBF or CAB

For registration and questions : tijl@clubalpin.be