dinsdag 4 augustus 2015

Registratie/Registration Belgian Boulder Cup 2015

Opgelet: Belgian Boulder Cup = Categorieën Youth A, Junioren en Senioren
Attention: Belgian Boulder Cup = Categories Youth A, Junior et Senior
City Lizard 10/10/15
Jury President: Tine Boucneau
Organizer: Klimzaal City Lizard
Chief routesetter: Jan Gorrebeeck

Registration: finished
List of registered climbers: link
Registration untill sunday 04/10 (24h)

Biover Sport 24/10/15
Jury President: Tine Boucneau
Organizer: Bleau Climbing Team
Chief routesetter: Jan De Smit
Registration: finished
List of registered climbers: link
Registration untill sunday 18/10 (24h)

Be’Bloc 28/11/15
Jury President: Lieven Vlassenroot
Organizer: klimzaal Be'Bloc
Chief routesetter: Didier Mottart

Registration: finished
List of registered climbers: link
Registration untill sunday 22/11 (24h)

Heb je een fout gemaakt of heb je een vraag, gelieve contact op te nemen met sven.de.cleyn@klimenbergsportfederatie.be
Avez-vous fait une erreur ou si vous avez une question veuillez contacter sven.de.cleyn@klimenbergsportfederatie.be

A description of the new format of the boulder circuits can be found here (NL): link

Belgian Boulder Cup
The official rules can be found on www.bccclimbing.be - Info Coaches and Rules 

The Belgian Boulder cup is a circuit of 3 competitions where the 2 best results are accountable for the final ranking and to determine who can go to the Belgian Championship Boulder 2014.
Youth A, Junior, Senior
13:30 to 21:30 (detailed schedule below)
Price (athletes)
15€ /competition

The Belgian Boulder Cup will be taken into account by the federations for the selection for international boulder competitions.

Every competition there will be a qualification round and a final round. 

The qualification consists of 12 boulders for which each climber has a maximum of 5 attempts (IFSC-rules).
Each climber is free to decide when he tries which boulder but all attempts must be done within the climbing time as started and stopped by the officials.
If there are 30 climbers or less, climbing time will be 2½ hours. For every 5 climbers extra, 15 minutes of climbing time will be added with an absolute maximum climbing time of 4 hours.
The 6 climbers with the best results will go to the finals.

All climbers will go into isolation before the finals and will have an observation time of 2 minutes per route.
Each climber will be given an unlimited amount of attempts in 3 boulders within a climbing time of 4 minutes per boulder (IFSC-rules).
A ranking will be made according to (in order of importance): #tops, # attempts for reaching top, # bonus holds, # attempts for reaching bonus hold.
The highest ranked climber wins the competition.

13.30 tot 14.15       Aanmelden
14.20                      Briefing
14.30                      Start kwalificatieronde
18.00                      Opening van de isolatie
19.00                      Sluiting isolatie + briefing finalisten
19.45                      Observatie boulders
20.00                      Aanvang van de finales

13.30 à 14.15        Enregistrement
14.20                     Briefing
14.30                     Début qualification
18.00                     Ouverture de l’isolement
19.00                     Clôture de l’isolement + briefing finalistes
19.45                     Lecture des blocs

20.00                     Début des finales